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TN Handgun Carry Permit Class $80

Basically, this is handgun orientation 101 and the ability to gain certification for a handgun permit in Tennessee!
This is an ideal course for providing an individual beginner with basic foundational knowledge and skills necessary to safely handle, load/unload, shoot, and maintain a firearm. We spend time both in the classroom and in our indoor range in a comfortable learning environment to effectively understand basic pistol nomenclature, safety, ownership responsibilities, shooting fundamentals and marksmanship skills, as well as pistol selection factors. Additionally, the student will learn applicable laws in the State of Tennessee that pertain to the use of deadly force, and when the use of deadly force is justifiable when protecting yourself and the defense of others. This course qualifies the graduating student to apply for their Tennessee handgun carry permit.

Calendar & Registration

Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver skill-building courses for students ranging from novice to advanced, while developing the defensive skill sets for effective performance and survival in consideration of present armed conflict reality.

Our Instructors

Each of our instructors have real-world based experience in either law enforcement and / or military backgrounds, providing our students a practical approach that is built upon reality based, successfully proven fundamentals.  Our instructors are not just simply “qualified” through state certifications to teach, but rather competent in their ability to effectively instruct given their wide training backgrounds and extensive career experience.  Our training program is delivered by those who want to teach, not just certify with a mindset of checking a box.Learn More

Spectre Defense

Spectre Defense LLC is a training company with an education program focused on survival and defense in several key areas. Those key areas are in developing skills in firearms training, medical triage and advanced trauma care, force on force, security operations and castastropic event survival. Our training curriculum is for those serving in the military, law enforcement, as well as the private sector professional and armed citizens in protection of self and family preservation.Learn More

What Our Students Have Said…

Had a private today with Chris Smith. The quality of instruction is nothing short of awesome! I have been in the position of having alot of instructors in multiple disciplines through my work and hobbies. I would say Chris is one of the best overall I have had. Knowledgeable. Articulate. Organized. Skillful. Excellent delivery of info to a beginner. And patient. I recommend Chris with the highest regard.
J. Valdez, Privately Instructed Student
Love the new paperless way of processing for the carry permit. Took the class on Saturday, DMV and fingerprinting on Monday, permit in 2 weeks.
M. Smith.
M. Smith, HCP Student
After taking the level 1 (carry permit) class last year, I took the Level 2 handgun class last Saturday (4/14/12). Glad I did! It was packed with high-value information and coaching, and was WELL WORTH the time and cost. Tony and Chris are excellent teachers with very impressive resumes. I recommend this class without reservation. Responsible gun owners owe it to themselves and their loved ones to take this course.
T. Cox, Level I & II Student
Absolutely GREAT instruction. Just took the Level II class last November. The level II course introduces the student to real world self-defense scenarios. Can’t wait to take Level III.
J. Murray, Level II Student

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Guns & Leather Retail Stores!

Greenbrier Location
Our a newly remodeled 2,100 square foot shop with a 25 meter climate controlled indoor range! This location’s range has ten lanes all computer controlled. This is also where we handle all Class III transactions.

Hendersonville Location
Our 3,000 plus square foot second store opened in 2011 with an indoor range features a 15 lanes operating on an electric retrieval system. The range is 35 feet long, climate controlled and filtrated. This store also offers our largest selection of reloading supplies and shooting apparel.