Knowledge plus training… equals confidence!

Spectre Defense LLC is a training company with an education program focused on survival and defense in several key areas. Those key areas are in developing skills in firearms training, medical triage and advanced trauma care, force on force, security operations and castastropic event survival. Our training curriculum is for those serving in the military, law enforcement, as well as the private sector professional and armed citizens in protection of self and family preservation.

Our goal is to deliver skill-building courses for students ranging from novice to advanced, while developing the defensive skill sets for effective performance and survival in consideration of present armed conflict reality.

Our Administration

Chris Smith
Chris SmithDirector of Operations

Chris Smith is the owner/operator of the shooting academy. Chris develops all advanced classes, and sales.

Chris’s career spans almost 20 years in U.S. Special Operations, U.S. intelligence/counter-intelligence, and specialized corporate security and risk management consulting in both U.S. Government and the private sector. His career began serving in the U.S. Air Force as a Combat Controller supporting both Air Force Special Operations Command and Joint Special Operations Command at Ft. Bragg/Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina. During his military career, Chris received extensive training in small arms and defensive tactics, demolitions, air and water operations, close air support, hostage rescue, and survival tactics. Chris supported several military campaigns in both the Middle East and Eastern Europe regions, as well as several humanitarian relief efforts.

Michael Gregory
Michael GregoryMarketing Director

Mike has worked in printing, advertising, and graphic design over for 25 years. He specializes in project management, workflow integration, marketing solutions for print, web and social media.
He develops corporate identities, branding and marketing solutions for both products and services.

Amanda Smith
Amanda SmithTraining Coordinator / Business Manager
Amanda heads up all the TN carry permit, advanced. and medical classes  If you would like to register for an upcoming class or schedule a personal class with any of our instructors, call or email Amanda anytime! 615-504-1373 or