Baton Class

The Baton class is a 2-hour, hands-on seminar which trains participants in the operational use of the baton. The program is simple to learn and easy to understand. It provides effective defensive impact weapon tactics for law enforcement and private security personnel, as well as responsible civilians without long hours of training. The techniques were designed to work effectively for all users, male and female, large and small, fit as well as those in less-than-peak physical condition.

The program provides portation (carrying) and presentation (drawing) procedures as well as striking techniques. These tactics are quickly learned, easily practiced and readily maintained long after the program is completed.

OC Spray Class

This is a 2-HR course that consists of a video, lecture and written test. The Pepper Spray Certification card will be issued at the conclusion of the course. Students who attend the Baton class can complete the Pepper Spray class on the same day.

*Security Guards: You can obtain an OC/ Pepper Spray permit that enables them to carry pepper spray on duty. It is a 2-hour training course. Security guard must either have their security guard card permit already in possession or take our security guard card course in conjunction with this OC pepper spray course.

Cost (For civilians & security guards)
$60 is the tuition for the OC pepper spray permit training course. Students do not need to pay additional costs such as fingerprinting, background checks or state fees.