AR-15 Beginner Crash Course


This course is designed for the new AR enthusiast, or otherwise wishes to be one soon!  This class provides basic fundamentals surrounding the AR weapon platform to include the following training elements: history; overview of part components, operation, and maintenance (essentially entry-level armorers training); essential accessories; and versatile advantages the AR carbine has making it the obvious choice for military and law enforcement worldwide.

We spend time in the range covering basic defense tactics and implementation of a wide variety of AR accessories, such as optics, flashlights, slings, etc.

Class Highlights

  • AR Platform History
  • Safe Use and Handling
  • Components, Operation, and Preventative Maintenance
  • Accessory Overview, Selection and Support Equipment
  • Basic Shooting Techniques
  • Ready Positions and Static Shooting Drills
  • Manipulation Skills and Malfunction Clearing

Class Requirements

  • Comfortable attire suitable for training
  • Note Taking Material
  • This class includes firearm and ammo


Pre-Class Information

  • Please arrive a 15-20 minutes before class allowing time to complete some necessary paperwork and pay the student fee in our retail store.
  • WE provide the firearm and ammo for this class.


  • AR15 Crash Course
  • Private Single Rate (2 hours) 
  • $12000
  • 2 Hours
  • 15rds Ammo


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