Handgun Tactics/Initiation (Formerly Level II)

10.48.51 AMThis course is designed for the new or beginner level shooter. Someone who is seeking to build further from the foundational skill level of having learned handgun safety and elementary pistol terms from the Tennessee Handgun Safety Course–those who already have their TN Handgun Carry Permit.

A combination of classroom and range time will focus on further developing accuracy, introduction to point shooting, various shooting positions and presentation techniques, reloading, and how to effectively identify / use cover and concealment protection. The course length is approximately 5 hours held weekdays and/or weekends.

This course is intended for the new or inexperienced shooter- someone who essentially wants to further enhance their shooting accuracy, confidence in handling a pistol, and further prepare themselves in the signficant responsibility of carrying a firearm for self and family defense.


Class Highlights

  • Review Level I / Basic Pistol Orientation
  • Review Firearms Safety
  • Effective Marksmanship
  • Various Shooting Positions
  • Admin Loading
  • The Holster Draw
  • Malfunction clearing


Class Requirements

  • Personal self-defense Handgun
  • MUST have appropriate holster designed for specific firearm used in class (no cross draw holsters permitted)
  • MUST bring minimum of two magazines along with spare magazine pouch / speed loaders and magazine pouch
  • Comfortable attire
  • Closed toe shoes
  • 200 rounds of ammunition

Class Prerequisite

Simply have taken our Handgun Permit/Carry course, and/or currently posses a TN Handgun Carry Permit. Basically have a solid understanding of essential pistol terms and safety fundamentals.

Class sizes are small and payment is due at time of registration. You can pay online once registered, or call 615-504-1373 to register and pay over phone.


Pre-Class Information

  • Please arrive a 15-20 minutes before class allowing time to complete some necessary paperwork and pay the student fee in our retail store. If you would like to fill out a waiver before class day, you can download the paperwork HERE.
  • We provide hearing and eye protection or you can bring your own.
  • Please leave your firearm in your vehicle, along with the ammunition, until the class transitions to the range.


  • Handgun Tactics/Initiation
  • Private Group Rate (5-10)
  • $50000
  • 4 Hours
  • 200rds Ammo


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