TN | Handgun Carry Permit

youngwomanrangeThis course prepares the student to gain certification for a handgun permit to lawfully carry a firearm in Tennessee.  We spend time both in the classroom and in our indoor range in a comfortable learning environment to effectively understand basic pistol nomenclature, safety, ownership responsibilities, shooting fundamentals and marksmanship skills, as well as pistol selection factors. Additionally, the student will learn applicable laws in the state of Tennessee that pertain to the use of deadly force, and when the use of deadly force is justifiable when protecting yourself and the defense of others. This course qualifies the graduating student to apply for their Tennessee handgun carry permit.


The course length is approximately 8 hours and is held both weekends and weekdays, as well as flexible evening hours during the week, which is spread over two days.

This course ideal for Tennessee residents seeking to carry a firearm outside of their home, and preparing themselves in understanding basic defense and gun laws in Tennessee, general familiarity with firearm and shooting concepts, and developing safe gun handling skills.


Beginner Crash Course Info

This is a qualifying course!

If you are new to shooting, or it’s been a long time since you have shot a handgun, or you aren’t familiar with basic safety fundamentals and functions of a firearm, then we suggest going through our Beginner Pistol Crash Course or Private Instruction before coming through the TN carry permit class. This will take away frustration, and nerves to prepare you for taking the TN carry permit class. If this is an option for you, call us to set up a private class or a small group crash course today!

Beginner Crash Course Info

What if I fail the test?

In the event you fail to achieve the necessary passing score of 70, required by the state, we offer you the option to re-test for an additional $40 fee. You will be given a number to call to schedule your re-test and will have 3 weeks from the date of your class to re-test.


Private TN | Handgun Carry Permit Class Option

We do have the ability to offer the TN/HCP class as private class for groups. Provided you have a minimum of 10 students (maximum of 20). This has been a popular option for groups of women, families, church groups, co-workers, etc. To schedule a private TN/HCP Permit Class for your group or to learn more about this option call our training coordinator at 615-504-1373.




Class Highlights

  • Self-Defense Legal Fundamentals
  • Firearms Safety
  • Basic Pistol Terms
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • TN State Laws pertaining concealed carry
  • Weapon and Ammunition Selection
  • Firearms Qualification


CrashCourse Strip


Student Responsibilities

This course is structured for the student that already has an understanding of the safe handling of firearms and has a working knowledge of their handgun they will be using. The instructors have the authority and will remove students from the firing line who handle their firearms in an unsafe manner or demonstrate that they do not have a working knowledge of their handgun.

A student prior to attending this class should:

  • Have knowledge of all the controls located on their firearm.
  • Must be able to load and unload their firearm without instructor assistance.
  • Must be able to make your firearm ready to be fired which includes the ability to manipulate the slide (if student is using a semi automatic handgun).

If you are uncertain of your ability to safely manipulate your handgun we recommend attending our Beginner Crash Course before attending the TN/HCP Class.


Pre-Class Information

  • YOU MUST… Fill out your permit application online before you come to class.  You will be asked to provide your confirmation number from the state when you are in class.  You can access the state’s link by CLICKING HERE! (As a reference the link is:
  • You MUST have a working knowledge of the operation of the firearm you bring.
  • Please arrive 15-20 minutes before class allowing time to complete necessary paperwork, and complete the registration process. Classroom doors will open 30 minutes prior to class start.
  • Students should NOT wear low cut shirts or open toed shoes during the range portion.
  • Since this is an 8 hour course, feel free to bring drinks, snacks, etc. as needed as there will be frequent breaks provided throughout the class.
  • We provide hearing and eye protection as required, or you can bring your own.
  • If you bring your own firearm, please leave it along with your ammunition in your vehicle until time for the range qualification.
  • The range qualification requires that you MUST shoot at least 50 rounds, which the student is responsible for.  You can either bring your own, or purchase the day of class during the registration process.
  • We will provide a rental firearm if you do not have your own for an additional $10.00 plus the cost of ammunition.  The rental firearm we provide is a Glock 9mm.
  • The distances that students shoot from are 9 feet, 15 feet, and 21 feet.

About your application number from the state…

When you fill out your application with the State of Tn, using the link the provided (CLICK HERE!), you will be given a confirmation number. There has been some confusion with the way the number is displayed. The confirmation number will be in the documents you need to bring to the DMV list, “1. Your Application Number:”. This is very important that you bring this application number with you for class and keep that application number for your records. Below is an example of where to find your confirmation number. (it will include only numbers.)









Post-Class Information

  • Once qualified, you will need to go down to your local DMV(Department of Motor Vehicles) office with your school certificate or confirmation number (if you registered online with the state). You will need to bring a certified copy of your birth certificate or U.S. Passport, and pay the $115 state application fee (this MUST be completed within 12 months after taking the class, as your confirmation number or certificate will expire).
  • Upon application submittal at the DMV, you must register online or over the phone with L1 for your fingerprint processing, which is required for the applicant background investigation.  The DMV examiner will provide further details pertaining this process, such as the appropriate contact information. (Fingerprinting is included in the $100 you pay at the DMV).
  • After leaving the fingerprint station, simply allow 6-12 weeks for final permit processing/issuance, which will be delivered to you by U.S. Mail.


Admissions and Deposits

  • All incoming students are required to make a non-refundable deposit of $20. This deposit will be credited to the student’s class of choice.  All Fees are transferable to other available dates.


Credit and Refund Policies

  • Class fees will be credited to students’ accounts who give a 24 hour notification of cancellation from the class date minus the deposit fee. All fees are transferable within 6 months of the class date.  
  • Students that do not achieve the required minimum score of 70 in the class or range portions, and want to re-take the test there will be a $40 additional fee.  
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Busy Schedule? Hard to find time?

We offer our HCP/Level I classes during the week as well as on the weekend.

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