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Each year we often see events occur around the world from natural disasters to civil unrest, and how each event permanently shapes individual lives and society in those regions by event location.  As with most circumstances in life, the success or failure, or better yet, the survival or fate is most directly related to their preparedness efforts to the best extent possible.

How would we endure life during an event such as:  national monetary collapse, major grid utility shutdown, large-scale natural resource shortage, nation-wide civil unrest and demonstration leading to a non-peaceful riot disturbance?

What about natural disasters occurring on a grand devastation scale that most Americans often diminish as possible reality:  earth quakes, tsunamis, wide-scale hurricanes, or the potential impact from an large non-terrestrial object unable to be consumed by Earth’s atmosphere?

TV shows are created and most find this subject matter entertaining at best; but simply conclude it as a great farce and nothing more than an effort by dooms-day advocates to create hysteria.   Fiction, or reality?  You ultimately decide. However, each one of the aforementioned events has repeatedly occurred in some form or another within the last decade throughout the world.

The ones who survive each catastrophic event commonly experience life as if time turned back 50, 100, or even 200 years ago. Our technological-dependent society soon discovers life without the convenience of modern advances we have grown accustomed towards.

This program, which is a series of classes, dives into the ‘what if’, and teaches survival techniques to consider during food shortages, prolonged home utility loss, movement from point A to point B with NO transportation whatsoever leaving roads impractical for usage.  How would we react with no phones or technological advances?  Or no monetary ability of transacting commodities? These areas we’ll explore. We’ll teach basic essentials of the survival triangle to sustain life—food, shelter, defense, along with other necessary essentials such as basic navigation, communication, developing heat sources (i.e., fires during inclement weather), create and store food, develop clean drinkable water, and much more in effort to remain prepared.

This is not a typical survival course that you find on Discovery Channel, dropping one into a deserted jungle, artic landscape, or large desert wasteland.  This is a course where one is dropped into reality in anywhere Tennessee and forced to keep him/herself alive along with their family.  This course is about self & family preservation and ultimately encompasses all training avenues that Guns & Leather has provided to date and takes it to the execution level.

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