Our Facilities

Comprehensive instruction trains both your body and your mind. That’s why we offer a unique combination of classroom and hands-on training. So you’ll learn gun safety or self defense laws, as well as how to fire a handgun. Plus, our advanced class sizes are kept to a minimum, insuring plenty of one-on-one training between instructor and student.

The G&L Shooting Academy has two dedicated classrooms suitable for learning in a relaxed environment. Equipped with AV stations, the classrooms are able to support our full spectrum of classes including armorer, instructor development, skill development, lecture, and defensive tactics. Our range facility is modern, clean, and climate controlled by HEPA filtration.


Greenbrier Facility

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Our main classroom at our Greenbrier location.

  • Comfortable
  • Latest Teaching Technology
  • Subject Specific Configurable

Hendersonville Facility

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Range Membership

Range Membership: Guns and Leather offers an annual membership available for $200.00 (plus tax) and covers the cardholder, spouse, and children under the age of 21. Family members must be present with the cardholder and must share one lane. A separate membership is available for family members who do not wish to share a lane for a additional $50 fee.

Example: Joe buys a membership for his family, and his name is on the membership card.

If Joe’s wife wants to go to the range without Joe, or wishes to shoot in a separate lane, the total annual membership cost for the family would be $250. The range membership is valid at both stores.


Our Greenbrier Indoor Range


We have two separate indoor ranges. Range #1 is approved for rifle calibers while Range #2 is strictly for Handgun calibers. Our ranges operate on an electric retrieval system that is computer controlled, turning target Mancom systems. and are climate-controlled with HEPA filtration. Both ranges have five shooting lanes each.



Our Hendersonville Indoor Range



Both Indoor Range Locations Feature

  • State of the art Indoor Range
  • Climate Controlled
  • Lead Filtration System
  • Computerized Target System
  • Programmable Drills
  • Hearing and eye protection are furnished for range customers.
  • We also have a large selection of gun rentals!

  • Targets available for purchase $1.00 each or you can bring your own.
  • Shooting lanes are first come, first serve.
  • You do not have to purchase ammo from us to shoot on our range.
  • The range is always open during store hours. (However, we do have classes on the weekends, so one side of the range at the Greenbrier location will be temporarily closed in the afternoon.)


Greenbrier Range Highlights

  • Two Computerized Ranges, Ten shooting lanes total.
  • Range #1 Rifle Approved.
  • Comfortable Lounge
  • The range is always open during store hours. (However, we do have classes on the weekends, so one side of the range will be temporarily closed in the afternoon.)
  • Perfect Range for Group Events!

Hendersonville Range Highlights

  • 15 lane standard range operating on an electric retrieval system.
  • The range is always open during store hours. (However, we do have classes occasionally on the weekends, so one side of the range will be temporarily closed in the afternoon.)
  • All handgun calibers are allowed (including magnums).  Rifles in pistol caliber are also allowed.
  • Perfect Range for Group Events!


Range Pricing

  • Greenbrier
    • Range #1 Cost
  • $2000
  • Rifle Approved
  • Non-Member Price
  • Per Person
  • Greenbrier
    • Range #2 Cost
  • $2000
  • Pistol ONLY!
  • Non-Member Price
  • Per Person
  • Hendersonville
    • Range Cost
  • $2000
  • Pistol ONLY!
  • Non-Member Price
  • Per Person


Group Range Rental Information

Maybe you want to surprise your husband with an interesting twist for his birthday, or maybe it is time for something different for a ladies night out! Whether it’s an informal group of friends wanting to practice together or if your looking for a convenient place to host your next match we offer special rates for group range rentals.

We can help you plan your next event by offering suggestions, rental guns, or helping providing range safety officers for your group. If your interested contact us for more details and pricing.


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Busy Schedule? Hard to find time?

We offer our HCP/Level I classes during the week as well as on the weekend.

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