Each of our instructors have real-world based experience in either law enforcement and / or military backgrounds, providing our students a practical approach that is built upon reality based, successfully proven fundamentals.  Our instructors are not just simply “qualified” through state certifications to teach, but rather competent in their ability to effectively instruct given their wide training backgrounds and extensive career experience.  Our training program is delivered by those who want to teach, not just certify with a mindset of checking a box.


Our Instructors…

Chris Smith
Chris SmithDirector of Operations
Chris Smith is the senior instructor and owner for the shooting academy. Chris’s career spans almost 20 years in U.S. Special Operations, U.S. intelligence/counter-intelligence, and specialized corporate security and risk management consulting in both U.S. Government and the private sector.

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Samuel Letherer
Samuel LethererAdvanced Firearm Instructor
Sam currently is a Personal Security Specialist (PSS)/Firearms Instructor with Triple Canopy in Baghdad and Erbil, Iraq. He was a firearms instructor in Baghdad and Erbil Iraq, for the Department of State, Diplomatic Security. Sam also worked for Blackwater USA as a firearms Instructor in Baghdad for the Department of State.

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Mike Gregory
Mike GregoryFirearm Instructor

Mike Gregory is an avid outdoorsman, hunter, backpacker, and student of martial arts who just happens to be very passionate about teaching other Tennesseans how to effectively defend themselves and their family. He is currently a certified Tennessee Department of Safety Firearms Instructor, having attended several training courses in the use of handguns, tactical rifles, and edged weapons. He also holds medical certifications from National Association of Emergency Medicine and American Heart Association in areas of field/combat trauma.
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Joe Shelton
Joe SheltonFirearm Instructor
Joe Shelton is a current instructor at a large police department and has been a Law Enforcement Officer for 28 years. During his career he has attended numerous schools to include Firearms Instructors from Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy and Glock Firearms workshop Instructor/Armor school in Smyrna, Ga. He has also attended the I.A.L.E.F.I (International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors) annual training conference in Nashville, Tennessee & Mobile, Alabama. Joe is also a former SWAT Team member and K-9 Handler.
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