Sam is an advanced handgun, shotgun and rifle instructor for GALSA, and will be offering personal training.

Sam currently is a Personal Security Specialist (PSS) with a Private Security Company in Afghanistan.

Sam worked for Triple Canopy from May 2009 to June 2014 as a Personal Security Specialist (PSS), Firearms Instructor (FI) and an Integration Training Instructor (ITI) in Baghdad and Erbil, Iraq for the Department of State (DoS), Diplomatic Security Service. He was a firearms instructor in Baghdad and Erbil Iraq. His duties as a FI were to run the DoS Qualifications for the M4, 9mm (Glock/Sig/M9), Remington 870, M249 SAW and M240 machine gun for US personnel. In Erbil, Iraq he was made the head of firearms training for the Kurdish Zeranvani integration teams and the Local DoS Guard Force. As an ITI his duties were to train the Iraqi’s integration training, marksmanship training and tactical training.

Sam also worked for Blackwater USA from Nov. 2006 to May 2009 as Personal Security Specialist (PSS) and Firearms Instructor (FI) in Baghdad for the Department of State.


Military Experience

• Tennessee Army National Guard Military Police Squad/Team Leader (E-5). In Baghdad, Iraq: As a Squad/Team Leader, Sam was responsible for a Squad and Team of US Army Military Police Officer’s. Sam was chosen as a firearms instructor at the Baghdad Police Academy.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sam was the Personal Security Officer for the Chief of Staff of the 3rd Infantry Division.

• United States Marine Corps Sergeant 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit special operations capabilities (MEU-SOC)

Advanced Military and Civilian Shooting Schools

  • Blackwater Training Center, North Carolina
  • Triple Canopy